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***SN: There is so much going on in a sport, I will do my best to update you, from the Cam Newton situation, the NBA season getting on the way, drama in Miami with Lebron, BCS Championship prospective, etc. I got you.

Auburn is ranked #1 in BCS Standings

I was forced this week to watch in dismay as Auburn Tigers became #1 in the BCS Standings. I really did not know how to react to this, so I took a backseat to the entire situation. Anyone and everyone who knows me understand that I have an unknown dislike for all things Alabama. This includes the entire State of Alabama, all the Universities residing in that State, and even the people. Where this hate comes from I have no clue. Maybe its the fear of what Alabama represents (country bumkins and pig feet). This might be stereotypical but its how I feel. So you can imagine when it comes to the SEC and me being a GATOR supporter, I root against and despise all Rolltide and War Eagle folks. But lately I have found myself being surrounded by all things Alabama, from friends to associates and job opportunities. I no longer know where I stand.

The issue is that I work in Sports (Athletics) and an amazing job opportunity that I so desperately want and have prayed to the heavens and God about has found itself at one of my rival University in the State of Alabama. Of course, I can let go of all hate for this cause, and support my Gators in private, but dang it, AUBURN is #1 in the BCS Standings. What in the hell???? This might be the last time I may be able to post something badly about any school in the State of Alabama, so I might go ham on this post. Okay I’m not, cause I am not crazy. But anyways…

My mind is starting to go blank so I will leave this post with this few remarks. Auburn defeated LSU this past Saturday, 24-17. With the brilliant plays executed by Junior Quarterback Newton and that dang Defensive Tackle Fairly. LSU who we remember beat my Gator with that damn tricky ass play in the 4th quarter, was put in their place by the War Eagle players of Auburn. To all the war eagle supporters and former players who felt the need to call my phone/ stop by my place to inform me of Auburn ranking yesterday, please jump off a really tall ass bridge. Lets see what happens when you see Alabama, holla at me then. Either way, I’ll be okay as long as a SEC team wins the championship. I love SEC FOOTBALL!!!!

Colors Rule NFL’s Week 4

NFL Goes Pink

I found myself pondering a question while watching MNF yesterday between the New England Patriots and the sadly beaten Miami Dolphins. The question was, Why Are These Grown Ass Men Wearing Pink? After I sat back for a moment observing the game and realizing that Miami had no chance in hell of winning (Like I didn’t already know this simple fact), it clicked in my head that it had to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Just to make sure, I look over at my football boo, and he confirmed my suspicions.

I must say I am really impressed by the NFL for taking the time to acknowledge a situation that heavily effect many women in the U.S. They could have easily taken the easy route by simply providing informational material to the fans in the stand or ad promos on the screen, but to have the athletes decked out in pink gloves, cleats, and face mask was a definite good call. For the longest time only women in sports, primarily the NCAA collegiate teams were dressing out in pink in support of the cause. So BRAVO to the NFL and the men on the field who had no problem putting on pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Think Pink everyone. Please go and get your monthly mammogram and test yourself at home. If you are unaware of the seriousness of this disease please visit the .


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