Sexless in the City (1st Edition)

So yesterday,my homegirl and I, codename: Redd Foxx went out on date. Yes, two women with no man in their lives had to treat each other to a movie and dinner date, because thats the only way we getting out of the house these days. It sad, but that’s life. I’m use to it, no I am not ugly or bitter or just can’t get a man, instead I’m just a single woman who has yet to meet a man who can satisfy me. Not just sexually but Intellectually and emotionally. Some have tried, hearts have been broken, lies have been told, circumstances have developed, and forgiveness have come and gone. Yet still I remain. I use to have an awkward relationship with LOVE, in fact the two of us couldn’t stand to be in the same room together. The sight of LOVE made me sick to my stomach, cause to me LOVE was just an excuse for all the bullshit, lies, and hurt people cause each other. It took some time but LOVE showed me that it never wanted to hurt me or make me cry, but just wanted to be a best friend to me. Just wanted to show me that there is more to love than just pain and heartache.

Anyways we are getting off topic, while we were out having dinner and talking about relationship or lack there of, I joked about starting my own blog section called “Sexless in the City.” The purpose of this little blog is to talk about how I and few of my friends are living sexless in the city. Yes no sex and if we are having sex, its just horrible. You heard me right, its just horrible, good dick is just had to come by these day. So I for one, have decided to rid myself of this sad topic and pursue an endeavor of going sexless in the city, now ll my friends have not made this drastic decision with me, but believe me the drought is on. So in the first edition of sexless in the city, I will take the time to introduce my girls, and allow you a chance to enter into the lives of women living sexless in the city.

Code Names:

First up is me, just call me “Lost in Translation”

Second up is my down south bajan “Mahogany”

Third up is my sexy mistress “Redd Foxx”

And last but not least is the saint-i-fied “Black N Gold Twins”

….and we are living sexless in the city. Now don’t take this blog as a man bashing blog or a bunch of woman complaining bout how their sex lives sucks, instead take as open-ended book with twist and turns, advices, real discussion, and opinions from many different view points. Stay Tune, I think its going to be fun.


We’re BACK!!!

Hey this is your girl Yoshi and I am back!!!

Life tend to get crazy and I get off track sometime, but I promise to keep writing as often as I can. So I wanted to sorta update you on whats been going on in my life.

Life has been crazy both work and personal.

I love what I do because I get to work with student-athletes, pro athletes, meet important people in Corporate American and politics, but besides that the job sucks. There are long hours, horrible pay, constant headaches and blames. My mom wants me to get a 9-5 that guarantees benefits and a way to pay my rent each month, but I just can’t do it. I love the hard work, the stress, the travel, and doing what I want to do, which is educate and provide life skills/player development to rising athletes. Still I can’t help but wait to see the day when all in life will be right. When the moon, the sun, and stars will align for the blessing to flow down upon me. Life has been hard, it has been a true struggle. When you go from everything make sense to nothing does, and you start to question your purpose in life, it get ridiculous. Not knowing how you are going to pay the rent does get kinda of tiring. With all that said, my faith has kept me sane and afloat. Instead of draining in my sorrow, I keep a smile on face even though it sometimes hurt to smile so wide. I keep the joy in my heart and continue to have that mustard seed of faith that will day I will get mines. When that day will come, no one knows but GOD, but I hold on. I say all this because, it is so easy to give up on your dreams and passion to settle for money and stability, but at the end will you ever be happy and filled with fulfilling your purpose or just content with what life has given you??? I go for happy!!!

Still single and so not enjoying it. I’ve been single for a year and I already did the healing from the previous heart-break and learning who you are and what you want from the two relationship before that. So what the hell!!! What else is there to learn. I am not one of the bitter woman, dragging in the bad into a new relationship, still holding on to the hurt, screaming out “I hate you so much right now.” I’m over that, learned to deal, learn, and accept. Realizing the hurt makes you who you are and builds your level of standard of what you will or will not accept, what matters and what doesn’t. I take from my past all the good and leave in my memory the hurt so that I never forget and relive. So once again what is it left for me to learn.

Is it patience? Is it obedience? Is it softness? I just don’t know, but till I figure it out, I will be living “Sexless in the City”

Wait for the book. LOL

Changes in Life

So i’ve been dealing with the decision of making a change in my life, and this has been putting me in a mood of sadness. With the way the economy is going, and with scarcity of jobs, I am forced to look outside my current market for potential employment. I for one am not one for change, although change at time is necessary. My current job is not whats hot; the stress, lack of good benefit, and lets not even talk about the bullshit pay that I receive, has push my to face the facts and seeks employment else where. As much as I hate being a situation that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable, for me to fulfill my potential and not stay in an environment that does not nurture my growth, I gotta move.

As easy as that was to write, the actually move won’t be. I mean yeah I can pack up and head out, but to where and to whom. To another empty apartment with no real friends and an empty social calendar that consist of just work and the gym. I am just so over it. Yeah the pay will be better, but what about all the other things in life. Friends, Family, and Love. Where does all that fit in when it come to getting that paper and not having to worry about the next paycheck and how rent is going to get paid.

Man, I just don’t want to be that person that never really has a place to call home. No foundation to build anything on. Yeah I’m young with no commitments or anything holding me to the “A,” but do I really want to be the person, but at the same time, this struggling stuff is for the bird. I guess this time, my heart has to take a back seat to my mind.

Finna miss my Chi-Chi.:-(