Sexless in the City

So, for those who dont understand the true phenomenon of Sexless in the City… let me first start off by introducing myself. Many of you may already know me, or at least think that you do, but on here I am known as Mahogany. Not a self proclaimed name but a name given to me nonetheless by the other syde of me who’s name, within the confines of this blog, will be “Lost In Translation”. But back to my original point. “Sexless in the City” is a blog written by women about women and our issues with men. Now dont get it confused, this is not a “man-bashing” blog, but it is a blog created to expose the thoughts and feeling about our experiences with the men of whom we come in contact with. Now whether the blog will highlight the good, the bad, the ugly, or the just down-right trifling… well,. lets just say thats up to circumstance and can go any which way on any given day. Now before I continue… let me post a few words from “Lost in Translation” about what this blog is about.

“The purpose of this little blog is to talk about how I and few of my friends are living sexless in the city. Now don’t take this blog as a man bashing blog or a bunch of woman complaining bout how their sex lives sucks… instead take as open-ended book with twist and turns, advices, real discussion, and opinions from many different view points.” ~Lost In Translation


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