Sexless in the City: Succumbing to being Single

You know its funny because we always say that if youre single and having problems finding the right one then its either one of two things; either you keep dating the same type of person or theres something wrong with you. But what if its neither? I mean really, what about the ones who really have no issues, switch the game up every now and then, and still cant find that one?

So, I just finished having a conversation with “Lost in Translation” and honestly, I can say that for the most part of the last 4 years our lives have be paralleled. As ironic as it seems, I can usually predict whats about to happen with the guys I talk to based on what she is going through and vice versa. And no, we are not difficult women, nor or we complicated. But… we do have expectations. We solely and completely EXPECT a man to be a man and be straight up about the things they do. Why is that so hard to find? I don’t know.

Now, in this conversation she brought up a notion of reality that I have been really pondering about myself since the beginning of this year. Could it just be possible that its meant for some people to be single? I mean seriously. Because when you look at it… we hear everyday that a man wants his woman to be supportive, to know how to hold her own, to maintain a career and a household, to be that homie/lover/friend with a little lady in the streets and freak in the sheets. Now if Im wrong, feel free to let me know. But still, in the end, when a man actually finds that one… theres always a problem! Why claim that’s what you want when really all you want is something to complain about… a woman who aint no good and aint no good for you? Seriously! Im getting so tired of men playing victim all the while being victimizers! FEELINGS ARE NOT SOMETHING TO PLAY WITH PEOPLE!!! And honestly, who in the hell has all that damn time to waste on playing a game of little reward? Just be real!

So ladies, do you think we have come to a point where we just have to realize that for some of us that whole knight and shining armor husband with two and half kids, and a house with a white picket fence dream is just not for some of us? I mean, it’s a whole lot easier to believe and accept that fact than to actually go into some of these situations with men thinking that it actually has potential to go somewhere when in all honesty… that’s not what they want. Maybe its time for us to succumb to the idea of being single in order to save our own sanity cause honestly, it’s the desire to be with somebody that’s not only causing us to settle sometimes, but to dammit go crazy. Im tired of it myself. How about you? Maybe its time that we just accept it and keep it moving. Sexless, Satisfied, and Successful while doing it all by ourselves… is there really anything wrong with that? Im really starting to not think so….

“We get lost in the what if’s rather than the what is… Its not the four letter words like love that hurt us, it’s the three letter words like how and why that really consequent in the pain.” — Mahogany


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