Sexless in the City: Ironically Speaking… So you call yourself a MAN?!!

Its funny, men always claim that they want a strong woman. They want someone who can hold their own and be down for them at the same time… be strong in all aspects of the word. But the truth is, a man wants a woman to be strong when it comes to everything else but weak when it comes to them. A woman who is strong in themselves and secure with themselves will never let a man just be able to shoot her a couple lines and run over her. A strong woman just isnt down for the nonsense… if you eff up, then get the eff out. Its as simple as that. A chick with a weak mind however, will take a lot more than they should just to maintain that relationship. A man doesnt have to be a genius to figure out which ones will take the nonsense and which ones wont. And honestly, they’ll go for the weak ones first and sneak off with the strong chick because they know that to a woman who’s strong in herself, they are the ones who are dispensable and definitely replaceable. A man needs that security and stability in knowing that if no one else out there wants him, he still has someone that he can come home to… whether thats where he really wants to be or not. Its like the Oedipus complex. Once they are detached from their mother, they find a suitable replacement that will share the same desire to be there through everything with them as their mother would. A WEAK WOMAN IS A INSECURE MAN’S MOST DESIRED BECAUSE IT MAKES THAT MAN LOOK EVEN STRONGER. Me, myself… I refuse to give more than what I get back which means only expect me to follow the rules that you lay down for yourself. I am not going to just be that security blanket when all else fails. Oh, and for people who know me… you can quote me on this and know that what I say is true. “In the end, I’ll never be that good girl thats gone bad. I’ll just be that good girl thats gone.” Its never good to gamble on your good thing because you just might lose… check my references and you’ll see that what I say is true. ~Mahogany


About The Other Syde of Me
Welcome to the home of the The Other Syde of Me Blog. The Other Syde of Me, is the blogging site of two higherly educated and never to be underestimated divas from the South. Friends, SISTUHS, Co-Signer/ Co-Defendants, Accomplices, Ying and Yang, are just a few of the words you can use to describe the bond between the two. In order to know one, you must know the other, without both pieces, the picture will never be clear. Living parallel lives but differing in view points, travel into the drama that this two call life. The First Chapter begins....

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