Sexless In the City: Inner War (Lost in Translation)

Part I

An inner war has erupted between my HEART and my MIND.
The two have taking opposing sides and are determined to destroy each other
I have done what I can to end this, but all attempts have failed.
Fury, hate, and ego are running rampant and neither will compromise
I have tried for years to show both sides that they need one another but it has fallen on deaf ears.
With recent treachery and provocation by both, I don’t know how much longer before these small battles between the two turn into a bloody war that leaves behind a path of devastation and hurt.
Both side show weaknesses, but yet their defenses are unmatched by any.
The MIND is judgmental, untrusting, cocky, and insincere, and has years of experience in tactical warfare and is not opposed to playing dirty
The HEART on the other hand is passionate, trusting, loyal, and territorial and like a lioness or rabbit pitbull the HEART will dispose of whoever threatens to hurt those it loves.
Armed with an arsenal of pain and hate, I fear the worst.
The worst being that when the bomb goes off and the dust settles that neither will be left standing, and like a puzzle I will fall into pieces
Darkness slowly covers the sky and war is eminent.

Part II

I realize long ago that the two could not co-exist equally
The ego’s were to massive and the need for control was to high
Neither would submit to the other and this only fueled the rage
When one would allow the other to take the reign something would go wrong or the other would feel like they could’ve done it better
No matter what I said, they would just tell me “this is destined to be”
That is was destined for a great battle to take place between the two and that only one would be victorious.
I asked that two why did they hate each other so much and they simply replied.
There is no hate between us, just “love” and it is that “love” for you that bring us here.

Part III

Unsure of what it is that I could do, I sit back and wait for word.
Word that the war is over and that the sun is once again shining
Finally after months of battle and loss of many lives, it has finally ended
I am once again able to breathe and open my eyes to a new day
Sadden by the outcome, I shed my tears and throw a single white rose into the grave of a friend.

Headstone reads:
Here lies the HEART of a great woman
It fought fearlessly for love but was
overcome by the lies and carelessness of others
It was unable to recover from the many wounds inflicted upon it


I say one last sweet goodbye to my HEART and walked away
As I walk away, my MIND wraps its arm around me and whispers “It will all get better, a new chapters has just begun”


About The Other Syde of Me
Welcome to the home of the The Other Syde of Me Blog. The Other Syde of Me, is the blogging site of two higherly educated and never to be underestimated divas from the South. Friends, SISTUHS, Co-Signer/ Co-Defendants, Accomplices, Ying and Yang, are just a few of the words you can use to describe the bond between the two. In order to know one, you must know the other, without both pieces, the picture will never be clear. Living parallel lives but differing in view points, travel into the drama that this two call life. The First Chapter begins....

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