Sexless in the City: Lost in Translation 11/22/2010

Had an interesting convo and workout tonight with one of the Black & Gold Twins. Topic of convo was one of my favorites. The dreaded “Friends with Benefit,” what does that really mean??? For me personally, I thought it meant that we, two friends, agree to mutually benefit each other sexually when needed, no attachment, but respect deserving on some level right??? Thats what you would think, but the level of disrespect and jealousy be on another level. Funny thing is that the main person pushing for it to be strictly friends with benefit and nothing more cause they ain’t trying to do all that, be the main one too catch feelings and get upset when they see you with the next. Its like dang nigga, you are not my man so calm it down, but still when we together and in the same room or if I m coming to see you, respect my presence and let the other bitches know, you already taken for the night and to vacate the premises. You will send out the pigeon signal when I’m gone. But nope its never that easy. SMH!!! Had a flashback. Anyways, Twin and I agree that these unnecessary drama is a thing of the past, we need the man attached to the penis to be a potential hubby nowadays or theres no benefit being given on any level. This might be a long drought, cause in the word of the Situation, “There’s grenades every where.”

Gotta bring this up. While at the workout spot, one of the workout buddies saw one of the Twins and was like,
Him: Yo, u know her?
Me: Ya, thats my girl.
Him:Can you put me down?
Me: hmmm… down with what?
Him: Man, with ya girl. You know I’m a good dude, tell her about me.
Me: Alright I got you.

So we proceed to the treadmill to get on that good run/sprint on that 7.0 Incline.
Me: You saw that dude talking to me when we were coming up the stairs
Twin: Yep
Me: He asked me about you
Twin: Oh ok

All of sudden, who comes walking up the stairs to have a meaningless convo about my training.
Him: You talk to my boy today?
Me: I got at him yesterday
Him: Ok cool, so he cool with everything
Me: Ya we good.
Him: When you getting back on the training?
Me: After this wedding Sunday, afterward we back on the get right torture sessions
Him: Good
Me: Look partna, I already told her you asked about her, so go ahead and talk to her
Him: But I’m shy (with a smile on the face)
Me: What the hell, nigga you played in the league and be around mad females, now your ass shy???(Do I look stupid)
Me: Yo Twin, he said you cute but he claim he shy (Yes put that nigga on blast right in front of her)
Twin: Shy??? That doesn’t work, you can’t be shy.

All of a sudden the nigga gets on a treadmill right next to my dawg and starts the convo, but puts me in the middle by saying ” Well I give “Lost in Translation”i my permission to give you my number if you want it???” Hmmm…What the hell, where they do that at?

Nigga’s got me out here doing their dirty work, but its cool, me and the Twin had a laugh about it and I called my Trainer and put his boy on blast.

Just another day of living “Sexless in the City.” Playing match maker for the masses. LOL

….. Dreaming of the middle east (:-)

next installment will be on the “other syde of me” facebook page


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