Sexless in the City (1st Edition)

So yesterday,my homegirl and I, codename: Redd Foxx went out on date. Yes, two women with no man in their lives had to treat each other to a movie and dinner date, because thats the only way we getting out of the house these days. It sad, but that’s life. I’m use to it, no I am not ugly or bitter or just can’t get a man, instead I’m just a single woman who has yet to meet a man who can satisfy me. Not just sexually but Intellectually and emotionally. Some have tried, hearts have been broken, lies have been told, circumstances have developed, and forgiveness have come and gone. Yet still I remain. I use to have an awkward relationship with LOVE, in fact the two of us couldn’t stand to be in the same room together. The sight of LOVE made me sick to my stomach, cause to me LOVE was just an excuse for all the bullshit, lies, and hurt people cause each other. It took some time but LOVE showed me that it never wanted to hurt me or make me cry, but just wanted to be a best friend to me. Just wanted to show me that there is more to love than just pain and heartache.

Anyways we are getting off topic, while we were out having dinner and talking about relationship or lack there of, I joked about starting my own blog section called “Sexless in the City.” The purpose of this little blog is to talk about how I and few of my friends are living sexless in the city. Yes no sex and if we are having sex, its just horrible. You heard me right, its just horrible, good dick is just had to come by these day. So I for one, have decided to rid myself of this sad topic and pursue an endeavor of going sexless in the city, now ll my friends have not made this drastic decision with me, but believe me the drought is on. So in the first edition of sexless in the city, I will take the time to introduce my girls, and allow you a chance to enter into the lives of women living sexless in the city.

Code Names:

First up is me, just call me “Lost in Translation”

Second up is my down south bajan “Mahogany”

Third up is my sexy mistress “Redd Foxx”

And last but not least is the saint-i-fied “Black N Gold Twins”

….and we are living sexless in the city. Now don’t take this blog as a man bashing blog or a bunch of woman complaining bout how their sex lives sucks, instead take as open-ended book with twist and turns, advices, real discussion, and opinions from many different view points. Stay Tune, I think its going to be fun.


About The Other Syde of Me
Welcome to the home of the The Other Syde of Me Blog. The Other Syde of Me, is the blogging site of two higherly educated and never to be underestimated divas from the South. Friends, SISTUHS, Co-Signer/ Co-Defendants, Accomplices, Ying and Yang, are just a few of the words you can use to describe the bond between the two. In order to know one, you must know the other, without both pieces, the picture will never be clear. Living parallel lives but differing in view points, travel into the drama that this two call life. The First Chapter begins....

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