Dialogue about the “Why you can’t make a black woman happy video”

Earlier today while at work (not actually working) I came across a video on the web. I stopped to watch the video because of the interesting title “Why You Can’t Make A Black Woman Happy [Video].” I must admit that while watching the video, I laughed and chuckled a bit, because majority of the things discussed and said was true in so many, but it posed me to ask a question as well. Please click on the link to view the video and let me know what you think. My thoughts are below as well. Smooches.

Link to video below
Why You Can’t Make A Black Woman Happy-Link


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2 Responses to Dialogue about the “Why you can’t make a black woman happy video”

  1. I am a female and this is hilarious, because there is some truth to it, highly exaggerated but still holds some truth. All I want to know is where is the video about the black man who claims he is looking for a good woman, wants to settle down, but only wants to date video vixen looking chicks. You know the girl with long hair don’t care mentality, that only wants to date ballers and spend your money. Always complaining you can’t find a good woman and that they are all trifling when truth is, you can care less about the educated black woman, if she ain’t a dime piece or on Lil’ Wayne latest video, you can’t be bother with her. You claim its a preference, but when the hell did you become so fine, that only a fake Nicki Minaj looking type of chick became your type. Where’s the video about that black man, since we want to put the blame for failed black marriages and relationship on the black woman. Also last time I checked, majority of the white women dating black men were only dating ballers, rappers, doctors, and lawyers.

  2. CFB says:

    OMG, this is ridiculous. Black men and women are continually letting other races tear them apart, it’s been happening since slavery and we continue to let these ignorant generalizations break us up. All black men/women are not this way, but it’s true about some. Stop telling other black men to only date outside of their race, date whoever you want whether they be black, white, asian or whatever else and the same goes for women. Stop living in such a close minded state that you can’t see a good man because of his skin color. I have a lot of white male friends who all say that they are attracted to black women, but they think we only like black men. Drop the pretenses and go after who you want. It’s your life not your families or communities and that goes for everybody. Stop being so worried about what everyone else thinks of your relationship and focus on you and yours or you’ll be miserable living life for everyone else.

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