Lil Wayne vs. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

So last week I ran across this discussion on one of my so-call friend facebook update. Her and some of the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority had taken offense to a song that Lil Wayne wrote called Gonorrhea. Now I have the up most respect for the ladies of that Blue and White, but I don’t know if I agree that it was that big of a deal. Now my cohort Ms. Alyse Nicole, is a proud member of the illustrious sorority and she was pretty piss and took an immediate offense to the song. So I want to ask you my so very few but faithful followers. Do you think Lil Wayne meant to disrespect the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority or are they reading to much into it. Share you opinion by completing the pool below.

Now just in case you haven’t heard the drama filled song, the link is below as well

Lil Wayne- Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea by Lil Wayne


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2 Responses to Lil Wayne vs. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

  1. unheard_of says:

    To be honest, I felt disrespected as a woman, period. Has nothing to do with sorority affiliation, but everything to do with the lack of respect he shows by using the word “bitch.” Surely this wasn’t an attack to the women of ZphiB…. I think that’s the only words that came to mind 2 him that rhymed. ANY time a man reduces a woman to anything OTHER than the Queen that she is, it’s a big deal.

    “if we were born in His image, than call us by our name….”
    -Erykah Badu.

  2. DJ 7up says:

    Lil Wayne HAS to know that this, as any mention of a specific NPHC organization, will be taken in the most obvious context. He had already used alliteration with others that were in a more “positive” light, Sigma specifically. There has to be more behind this lyric and if there isn’t, Lil Wayne owes the Zetas an apology…

    About the word bitch, you’ll be hard pressed to find a rapper who doesn’t say it… Not to say it’s right of wrong, but it’s pretty much a staple of the industry. No one (that I can think of) has applied that word to a specific sorority seemingly out of the blue (no pun intended).

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